Calm Music for Relaxation

Hey and welcome to My name is André Loibl and I am a big fan of all sorts of calm music:

Classic music, yoga music, chill out music, relaxation music, reiki music, meditation music – and even some kinds of trance music. Everything that cools down – and chills out…

For the first post – yes, this is the first post – yahoo! :-) – I want to share something special with you. I recently found some calm music on the web that I really liked. I like to listen to these tracks for lunch break – or when I am just chilling in the sun.. ;-)

They say “A tune says more than thousands words” (or something similar ;-) ), so here you can get a sneak peak of what I listen to this summer:

Unison with Perceptual Elements (Alpha)

You can buy the whole song (about 20 minutes) for 6 bucks here:

Calm Music Alpha

This calm music is not only very nice to hear but it also stimulates special brain waves. In this song the alpha waves for example. When you’re in the alpha waves mood, your brain is much more receiptive than it is in the “normal” daily beta waves mood. The alpha waves mood is a mood of light relaxation, where you still can recognize everything that is going on around you. You don’t fall asleep – so it’s just right for the lunch break. ;-)

The other song from this series I really like is this one:

Translucent: Delta

And you can buy this song too – also for 6 bucks, here:

Calm Music Delta

calmmusicBeautiful calm music too… and also a little more than 20 minutes – just perfect for a little relaxation. For me this “investment” of $12,- (to be honest, I purchased some more songs… ;-) ) really made sense. I love to listen to this calm music once or twice a day.

It really makes sense to listen to listen to this calm music with your headphones on. Not only can you go deeper into relaxtion, losen the tension in your muscles, and really let it all go – also the effects of the brain wave stimulation work better when you got your headphones on.

Maybe you want to take 20 minutes off today (or tomorrow if it’s already late) and indulge yourself into some relaxation, maybe some day dreaming… you’ll be so refreshed and full of power when you’ve done it, that you’ll see: It’s really worth it! :-)

How do you like this sort of calm music?
What is your favourite relaxation music?
Write it down below into the comments section!